A Moment…

She took another long draw on her cigarette and exhaled a stream of smoke. There she stood on the balcony, as she did every day around this time, watching the day’s traffic pass by her apartment building. She glanced back through the glass door to check on her kids as they watched TV and sat […]


A Shoe Story

I get it. My feet are, as some would say, large. Abnormally so, if I might add. Hell, if they weren’t attached to my body, I’d probably have some level of fascination with them my damn self. That being said, good sir, the size of my feet doesn’t give you the right to sidle up […]


Dinner at Sheila’s

His voice was electric. It seemed to sing sweetly in her ear, swinging and swaying like a jazz trumpet solo that would never end. It made her feel drunk and lightheaded and dizzy with the thought of what they could do between sheets made of silk or satin.


Writing Is Frustration (And Other Things I’ve Learned)

One thing that I’ve learned about writing is that it’s perhaps one of the most frustrating undertakings known to man. Don’t get me wrong, when it’s good it is amazing. But when it’s bad…Let’s just say that there’s a reason why the stereotypical writer is almost always a chain-smoking drunk with a surly attitude. I’ve […]