A Plus (APlus.com)

In February 2018, I started working as a freelance writer for digital media brand A Plus, writing news articles and arts and entertainment articles with a positive journalism spin. The opportunity has given me a chance to ease back into the waters of journalism while covering everything from the latest in pop culture to landmark […]


This Week In SoulBounce (SoulBounce.com)

After retiring the long-running “Morning Soul” news feature at SoulBounce, we realized that we still needed a way to keep our readers abreast of everything going on in the world of music. I came up with a weekly collection of the biggest news stories which we decided to call “This Week In SoulBounce.” TWISB, as […]


#31DaysOfJanetJackson (SoulBounce.com)

To celebrate Janet Jackson‘s return to the stage in 2015 ahead of her comeback album Unbreakable, SoulBounce dedicated the entire month of August 2015 to the global superstar with our month-long campaign #31DaysOfJanetJackson. The concept of the project was spearheaded by myself and SoulBounce’s Editor-In-Chief Kimberly Hines. The month-long event, which garnered attention from the Janet Jackson fan […]


QBR The Black Book Review (QBRBookReview.com)

In 2014, I had the pleasure of contributing a handful of reviews to QBR The Black Book Review. QBR has a long history of reviewing books written by African-Americans and intended for an African-American audience. Reviewing the books not only allowed me to engage in one of my favorite pastimes, reading, it also provided an […]


SoulBounce (SoulBounce.com)

It has been my privilege to work at SoulBounce since May 2011. I started off as a contributing editor for the music and culture website and eventually became a senior editor and second-in-command to the site’s editor-in-chief Kimberly “Butta” Hines. Writing under the moniker “D-Money,” I’ve contributed more than 3,000 pieces to the site overall and […]