I’ve made the threat to move to Europe several times over the past two years. Not because I enjoy cold weather and gray skies, mind you. The music scene there has just been doing amazing things. From Adele to Little Dragon to Benny Sings, I’ve been hooked. My favorite out of this bunch are Danish duo Quadron.

Well, Quadron spun from a larger group known as Boom Clap Bachelors. Recently BCB released a new EP stateside via Plug Research called Mellem Dine Læber and the lead single “Løb Stop Stå.” Ever since I’ve heard “Løb Stop Stå” I haven’t been able to stop listening to it. Something about Coco’s voice along with the mellow groove and hand claps just send me into a place. I only wish I knew what the hell they were saying! Anywho, check out the song and video below and see what I mean:

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